Growing Need for Sustainable Pet Food

Nandhini and Debra will be discussing the negative impact of food waste and opportunities for sustainable ingredients sourcing in pet food with an overview of key sustainable pet food [...]

2023-06-23T00:21:06+08:0013 April 2023|News|

Novel Nutritional Intervention in Managing Feline Allergens

About Oscar Izquiredo Oscar earned a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Illinois in [...]

2023-06-22T20:09:22+08:0013 April 2023|News|

Introducing Ryde: Your Pet-Friendly Transport Solution

From the 13th April 2023, 1200h to the 16th April 2023, 2359h, redeem a FREE Ryde+ subscription from us with code “PETEXPOSG1”. Claim your FREE Ryde+ subscription plan now! [...]

2023-06-22T19:23:58+08:0013 April 2023|News|

Longer Active Life (Everyday Strength & Conditioning for Your Dog)

He will be discussing how exercise science can help dogs live a longer active life. Looking at lifespan vs health span and the importance of strength for longevity. How [...]

2023-06-23T00:19:29+08:0012 April 2023|News|

AWGs Adoption Drive – Noah’s Ark Cares (NAC)

Dog Adoption Drive by Noah’s Ark Cares (NAC) 15 Apr | Saturday 15 Apr – 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm Visit Noah Ark Cares Website ( for more information. [...]

2023-06-23T00:19:12+08:0012 April 2023|News|
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