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What is Aqua/Water Cremation, and What Is Its Impact on Future Generations in Singapore for Both People and Pets

Published on Mar 22, 2023

by Yang Loo

14th April 2023 | Friday | 6.00 pm

15th April 2023 | Saturday | 7.00 pm

Much is said about the automobile, energy, and food industries when we think of carbon emissions. but the impacts from cremation are just as significant. Aqua Cremation offers an alternative option for families who reject flame-based cremations due to associations with fire, fear, or pain, and it is aimed at providing a sustainable option for future generations of pets/people.


About Yang Loo

Yang Loo is experienced in the field of renewable energy and an early adopter/provider of aqua cremation technology in Singapore, starting off with pets. Yang’s passion for innovative solutions and sustainable technologies extends to his work with @thegreenmorticiansg, which represents a positive change in the approach and outlook on funeral services & death. Alongside his well-established team of professionals, who are also passionate about animal welfare and care.

About The Green Mortician


As pet parents who have lost our beloved friends ourselves, we understand the human-animal bond and how important it can be at times, but we are here to help. Also, we want to bring more to funeral services and products as there has been little to no change in the past century, which at times can be distressing and ill-fitting to a modern-day home. Hence, we incorporated modern-day alternatives and solutions for our modern-day society. From technology to unique products and service offerings. Ultimately, with one goal in mind – to give everyone a sense of peace and closure.

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