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Stage programme – ZumVet

Published on Nov 18, 2022


Why Does Fifi Smell Funky? Learn How To Tackle Skin and Dental Issues – From Early Intervention to Simple At-Home Grooming Tips

by Shariq Farooqui & Elisha Thiara

25 Nov | Friday | 5pm – 6pm

Our ZumVet team will share tips on skin and dental issues. Learn when you should reach out to a vet and how you can self-manage at home with simple at-home grooming tips.


About Shariq Farooqui

Shariq Farooqui is managing the digital product portfolio at ZumVet. Passionate to leverage on technology and insights to build experiences for pet owners which are simple and meaningful.


About Elisha Thiara

Elisha Thiara manages the marketing and communications for ZumVet. She is passionate about empowering pet parents to make better decision for their pets through educational content.

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