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Stage programme – RehabVet

Published on Sep 22, 2022

Pet Rehab

by Dr. Sara Lam

26 Nov | Saturday | 2pm – 330pm

Dr Sara Lam graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 2012. She is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA). In the last decade, she has developed a strong passion in geriatric, post-operative and palliative care for dogs and cats. These are usual areas that are often neglected in conventional veterinary clinic settings. Besides animal rehabilitation and acupuncture, she also uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to treat many neurological disorders, to relieve pain and as a supportive care for cancer patients.

Join her session as she takes the stage on 26 November to share more on rehab care for dogs and cats!


Pet Rehab

by Teh Chee Yen

26 Nov | Saturday | 2pm – 330pm

Teh Chee Yen worked formerly as human physiotherapist who graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy in Inti International University Malaysia. She has 4 years of clinical experiences and training in private setting and hospitals, specialized in musculoskeletal cases, orthopedic cases, paediatric and geriatric cases. Inspired by her own furry pal and love for furry animals, she decided to do a career switch and incorporate her skills, experiences as human physio to do rehabilitation for animals. She has worked for two and a half years in RehabVet, providing rehabilitation services through clinical reasoning skills, electro modalities for pain relief, hands on manual therapy, deliver rehabilitation programme or exercises regime tailored for each patients.


About RehabVet Clinic

RehabVet is Singapore’s first and most comprehensive animal rehabilitation veterinary clinic. RehabVet aims to provide your pets with complementary support therapies that enable them to have a better quality of life without pain.

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