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Stage programme – Purely Adoptions

Published on Nov 17, 2022

What is Responsible Cat Ownership

by Shelby Doshi

25 Nov | Friday | 3pm – 4pm

Let find out the importance of cat proofing, feeding nutritious and good quality food, keeping vet visits in check and the care for their life stages, especially seniors.


Pet responsibilities & you (Dogs)

by Patrick Cher

26 Nov | Saturday | 6pm – 7pm

What contributes to being a responsible cat owner: Feeding, nutrition and seniors age?


About Shelby Doshi

Shelby has been a cat rescuer and volunteer since 2012. She is also a full time cat sitter, groomer and offers consultation for cat owners who experience behavioral issues with their cats. She has recently completed her Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Science with Ngee Ann Polytechnic. She strongly believes in education as part of improving cat welfare in Singapore.


About Patrick Cher

Talks about the responsibility associated with pet ownership eg diet, exercise, medical and senior care with Jamie, a Dog volunteer who will share the benefits of adoptions, process and the challenges.


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