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Stage programme – Paws Fur Life

Published on Sep 5, 2022

The Healing Power of Massage to Transform Your Dog’s Health and Happiness

by Karen Lim – Canine Massage Practitioner, Co-founder

27 Nov | Sunday | 1pm – 2pm

Your dog’s health is no joking matter. Have you ever had a massage? How did you feel after the massage? Calm & relax? Reduced pain and soreness, feel refreshed? Well, dogs need massages too! Massage therapy as practiced by a qualified professional is grounded in real science – anatomy, kinesiology and psychology, and has practical applications for a dog’s physical and mental health.

Join Karen on stage as she shares more about how massage therapy can bring about a sense of calm and comfort in dogs which help with their natural healing abilities by relieving pain and discomfort.


Preparing Healthy Balanced Meals for Your Dog – The Basics of Canine Nutrition

by Siew Leng – Master Chef, Co-founder

27 Nov | Sunday | 3pm – 4pm

Have you always wanted to know how to cook healthy balanced meals for your fur kid?

Siew Leng believes what you put in your dogs’ body can help them live healthier and happier. Over the last 8 years, she has helped pet parents to create simple healthy meals using her 5 Step System. Siew Leng has also conducted numerous workshops on nutrition in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. At Paws fur Life, they believe a Healthy Dog = Happy Dog = Happy You.


Happy Fur Kid, Happy You: How Bach Flower Remedies Can Help Your Fur Kid and You

by Siew Leng – Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), Co-founder

27 Nov | Sunday | 5pm – 6pm

Many studies have shown that there is a direct link between our emotions and immune system. Negative emotions may result in lowered immunity. Did you know that the Bach Flower Remedies can be used to enhance our existing positive qualities so that the body’s natural defences can work better? Learn more about how Bach Flower Remedies allows you to understand how the different Bach flowers can help to balance negative emotions. You will gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of emotional and mental health, both for human and fur kids.


About Paws Fur Life

Paws Fur Life Pte Ltd is a Singapore business set up in 2014, with the aim to provide a total holistic care system which includes wholesome balanced meals and organic treats using fresh foods, and our proven proprietary touch method to nourish your dog’s body and mind, reduce their pain and boost their immunity.

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