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Stage programme – Pawlyclinic

Published on Sep 21, 2022

Even furkids can have teleconsult!

by Dr. Rachel Tong

27 Nov | Sunday | 2pm – 3pm

Pawlyclinic is a one-stop platform that allows storage of your pet’s medical records and scheduling of their consultations. Just like humans, your pets can have teleconsult when they are unwell too. Find out what conditions are suitable for teleconsult and how to book a teleconsult on Pawlyclinic.


About Dr Rachel Tong

Dr Rachel Tong graduated from Murdoch University, Western Australia.  

She founded Spring Veterinary Care in 2014 and to date, Spring Veterinary Care has 2 clinics in Singapore.  

Dr Rachel Tong is also the Co-founder of Pawlyclinic, a one-stop platform for pet owners to connect with veterinarians anytime, anywhere. 


About Pawlyclinic

Pawlyclinic is a Singapore-headquartered complete on-demand pet healthcare platform. Their mission is to continuously drive improvement in the quality of life of all pets by helping pet parents proactively manage their pets’ health.

Core to this mission is the integrated platform that comprises two portals – the Owner Portal and the Vet Portal – in a unified ecosystem.

The Owner Portal provides pet parents access to pet telemedicine, in-clinic veterinary care, prescriptions and electronic health records for their pets anytime, anywhere. With Pawlyclinic, pet parents can consult a vet online anytime, anywhere, and have medication delivered to their doorstep. If further in-clinic care is needed, pet parents can be seamlessly referred into our network of affiliate and partner clinics.

The Vet Portal offers vet practices and vets an all-in-one platform to practise veterinary telemedicine, receive and organise physical appointment requests, issue digital prescriptions as well as provide and store medical records of their patients. This allows them to increase their capacity and touch points with pet parents, reduce unnecessary in-clinic human traffic, ease administrative burden on their nurses and deliver comprehensive care to patients anytime, anywhere.

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