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Stage programme – Nothing but the raw truth

Published on Nov 17, 2022

Nothing but the raw truth

by Chris Essex

26 Nov | Saturday | 5pm – 6pm

An introduction to raw feeding and its benefits! Insights in to all the nutritional requirements our pets need, not just to survive but to thrive. A dive into the science behind the Big Dog diets and all the fresh and carefully sourced ingredients used on Big Dog recipes for dogs and cats.



About Chris Essex

Chris Essex is the Founder and Managing Director of Big Dog Pet Foods, an Australian raw pet food manufacturer that has led the way in pet nutrition with their fresh, natural food since 2000. With a passion for nutrition and pets and a food science background, Chris created a unique product in the Australian pet food market and cultivated a brand that educates pet parents in animal nutrition and advocates for better standards in the pet food industry.


About Big Dog Pet Foods

As a family owned Australian company, we’ve been making raw, healthy, nutritious pet food since 2000. We’re proud to be Australia’s leading healthy pet nutrition provider, keeping pets happy and healthy for over 20 years. We believe that nature knows best and add nothing unnatural or synthetic to our foods. We also believe in minimal processing to preserve the nutrient-rich content of fresh natural ingredients. We are committed to using real ingredients that you’ll recognise. Because to us, pets are family and deserve real food. Food that makes them happy and keeps them healthy.

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