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Stage programme – Dog training tips with Sunny Chong

Published on Nov 17, 2022


Dog training tips with Sunny Chong

by Sunny Chong

25 Nov | Friday | 4pm – 4.45pm

Sunny will be demonstrating simple commands and tricks you can do with your special canine friend at home and the importance of dog training. 


About Sunny Chong

Dogs are inherently social, intelligent animals. Even though most of them no longer work or hunt for food, their instincts still remain. When these instincts aren’t satisfied, behavioral problems tend to arise.
Dogs don’t automatically know how to live in the human world – we need to teach them properly. For effective dog behavior modification to take place, they need to feel safe and happy within their modern lifestyle in Singapore. They need proper socialization, ongoing training, and opportunities to engage in typical “doggie” behavior.
In 1998, Sunny Chong Dog Training School; eponymous to Sunny, was open for business. The business promulgated a positive training regime for dogs. Sunny Chong Dog Training School’s gamut of services do not just stop at dog trainings purely. It also provides lessons to dog owners to derive the best out of their canine friends.
After more than 20 years in the pet industry, Sunny is also a highly sought-after animal talent consultant, from scouting to training and directing TV shows and commercials. He conducts lifestyle activities to forge a closer owner-animal relationship while always ensuring to give back to the community

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