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Stage programme – BOM BOM

Published on Sep 2, 2022

Nutrition from the Inside Out

by Jason Wang

25 Nov | Friday | 1pm – 2pm

When a pet’s gut health is unbalanced, health issues like diarrhoea or skin problems may occur. Join Jason Wang, Head of Nutrition at BOM BOM as he shares fundamental concepts behind holistic pet nutrition and its impact on your pet’s skin and gastrointestinal health.


About Jason Wang

Jason Wang is Chief Executive Officer and Head of R&D at BOM BOM. A certified pet nutritionist, Jason works with progressive vets from around the globe to address dermatological, immunological, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal issues through holistic nutrition. With more than 20 years of professional research experience, Jason applies a nutrigenomic and data-driven approach to meal formulation. His knowledge on farming husbandry and passion for food science is central to BOM BOM’s procurement ethos, where only the most appropriate and ethically sourced ingredients are utilised in BOM BOM’s scientifically balanced and individualised fresh pet meals 



Established in 2017, BOM BOM is a fast-growing, SFA-licensed company that specialises in individualised fresh meals for dogs and cats. What started out as meal preparation for a single pet has since grown into Singapore’s largest pet nutrition company. The homegrown brand capitalises on the expertise of its co-founders – a trifecta of nutrition R&D, technology and engineering knowledge. Started by dedicated pet owners, BOM BOM believes that all pets should have access to fresh, top-grade, scientifically balanced meals that promote healthier immune and digestive systems, at affordable prices.

BOM BOM prides itself for being a results-driven market leader that bases its success on the well-being of its clients, with a mission to achieve a measurably higher quality of life and extended longevity for pets via nutrition. Nutrigenomic-based R&D, world-class supply chain management, and cutting-edge technology ensure that BOM BOM remains a market leader in pet nutrition.

To date, BOM BOM’s holistic approach has helped thousands of pets recover from persistent dermatological, immunological, digestive and physiological issues.

To learn more about BOM BOM, visit www.bombom.com or follow them on Instagram/Facebook.


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