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Stage programme – 10 Things About Rabbit Care You Didnt Know

Published on Nov 21, 2022

10 Things About Rabbit Care You Didnt Know

by Jasmine Ng & Stacy Goh

25 Nov | Friday | 12.30pm – 1pm

101 of rabbits and discover interesting facts about rabbits you never knew!


About Jasmine Ng

Jasmine has been a volunteer with HRSS for almost 9 years and helps out with the society’s education, rehoming and grooming efforts. She dedicates most of her time to improving animal and rabbit welfare in Singapore.



About Stacy Goh

Stacy is a volunteer and an adopter from HRSS. When she’s not at work, you can find her volunteering her time in Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) or more often that not, just spending time with her rabbit at home. She is passionate about education and strongly believes that animal welfare education is the way to go to give a voice to all animals and to create a future that’s kinder to them as well.


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