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Singapore Ornamental Shrimp Competition 2023

Published on Feb 14, 2023

PetExpoWe are excited to host the Singapore Ornamental Shrimp Competition! Please click on the link for registration.

Rules and Regulations of Contests

One Contestant can enter the same category a maximum of two times.

Number of Shrimps
Contestants are required to enter three(3) Shrimps per category.

Judges Decision
Judges decision are final and discreet. Scores will be tabulated and announced on the end of the first day of competition.

Benching in will be on 14 April 2023 at 1100hours
Benching out will be on 16 April 2023 at 1500hours

Each category champion will be awarded a trophy with $150SGD cash. A grand champion will be selected from all category champion and will be awarded a trophy with $150SGD cash.

Judging Criteria

Size (20%)
The bigger the shrimp, the more points you score.

General Activity (15%)
The shrimps will be graded base on their activity in the new environment, whether the shrimps are sluggish or active.

Uniformity (30%)
The shrimps will be graded based on the similarity of the three shrimps. Each shrimp should  look as similar as possible to score more points in the segment.

Posture and Colour (35%)
The Shrimps will be judged based on colouration, stripes, patterns, good carapace posture, tone and leg colour among the many other variables.

Type of Shrimps for Competition

1. Neocaridina Fire Red Shrimp
2. Caridina Cantonesis Crystal Red Mosura Shrimp
3. Caridina Cantonesis Blue Bolt Shrimp
4. Caridina Cantonesis Red Fancy Tiger
5. Caridina Cantonesis Red Stardust


Information about the judging of the shrimp competition can be found here.


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