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Recipe for Happy Cats

Published on Apr 10, 2023

by Vivianne Goh

14th April 2023 | Friday | 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Wondering why your cat pushes things off the table? Or why do you get randomly attacked when you are preparing your morning coffee? Vivianne’s talk will focus on common cat behavioural issues and discuss solutions that can be done at home. Our perfect recipe for a Happy Cat!


About Vivianne Goh

Vivianne is the dedicated Cat Behaviourist with the Cat People. Being obsessed with cats since young, she has read and studied intensely cat behaviours and has resolved many simple and complicated cat behavioural issues since joining The Cat People.

About The Cat People


The Cat People Pte Ltd is a cat service consultancy with a holistic approach to your cat’s safety and mental well-being. Our approach is first grounded in our solid experience of cat behaviour and positive reinforcement.

We believe in providing you with solutions that will enhance your cat’s experience of life and your own experience with your cat. Our specialisation is in creating a customised safe and fulfilling environment for cats while ensuring a comfortable and beautiful home for Pawrents. By doing so, we make a positive difference in both you and your cat’s life!

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