Therapeutic Massage for Dogs

by Gayathiri Elamparithi, Angel's Wellness & Healing
12 April, Fri | 1:00pm - 2.30pm | Stage

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Canine Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog. The massaging can help to establish a bond between an owner and a new dog, or it can build on an existing relationship with your pet.


Canine massage is a branch of alternative therapy that promotes health in dogs. Specifically, the benefits of which may include relaxation, increased oxygenation, relief from pain, improved joint flexibility, as well as benefits to the immune system.


  • Understand the benefits of massage therapy
  • Understand the basis of muscle injury and muscle stress
  • Perform practical massage technique

Ms Gayathiri

At a tender age, Gayathiri found love for animals; the passion was too strong and unwavering, which eventually created a connection.


The journey to become a Certified Pet Groomer began at the age of 13, where she attended School of Pet Grooming, Singapore. She never stopped enriching her repertoire of knowledge, attending training courses and getting involved in Agility Shows with her pet, Rocky.


Gayathiri delved further to satisfy her hunger to expand her horizon and take her passion to the next level. Perth Western Australia was the next destination, to obtain a Certificate 3 in Companion Animal Services and Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing with Swan Tafe WA.

Additionally, the internship in Murdoch University Animal Hospital and Vet Veterinary Nursing field in Perth, WA was necessary to prepare her for the challenges ahead, further increasing her knowledge in the Veterinary Nursing field.


To quench her insatiable cravings to extricate pain and medications, she studied natural therapies and Alternative Therapies, starting off with Myofunctional Massage Therapy in National College of Traditional Medicine, Australia and later on bagged a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy in College of Animal Physiotherapy in London.

To further impact the life of your companion, she is hoping to bag another Diploma in Animal Hydrotherapy and Certificate in Animal Homepathy, which will be infused into Angel’s Wellness & Healing to expand service delivery.


Her long standing years of experience- 8 years and still counting-presented her with the unique opportunity of exploring an array of cases, which pushed her sense of imagination beyond the limit. Thus, she was able to bring to play a wide range of methodologies in her quest to achieve her goal. At long last, she can vehemently say that these proven methodologies work wonders; pain can be relegated to the background while your pet recover from their conditions.


With 8 years experience as a veterinary nurse and still counting, in which 5 years were spent as the Head Veterinary Nurse in Singapore, she is on the cusp of a new frontier using Alternative Therapies to bring relief to pain and make the world of animals a better place.