Parrots Showcase & Photo Booth

by Flightmasters
12 - 14 April, Fri - Sun | 11:00am - 8:00pm 


Showcase of a stunning array of different species of parrots in a myraid of colours and sizes. Get a chance to hold them for a photo taking session by contributing only $2 to the charity box! Proceeds to go towards charity (Proceeds to go towards Animal Lovers League).



13 & 14 April | Sat & Sun | 4:00pm & 6:00pm

You will enjoy a myriad of colours in the hall itself! Watch as these beautiful birds spread their wings and roam around the hall freely. Expect to be amazed by the jaw-dropping flights performed by our exquisite macaws!


FlightMasters is a group of parrot enthusiast that was set up in 2010. We aim to equip owners with adequate knowledge and skills to ensure that their parrots are well taken care of. We specialise in free flying, where parrots are trained to fly and return upon command. Additionally, we provide consultations services on parrot care, diet and home set up. Under our guidance, more than a hundred owners have fully trained their parrots, either in taming them or trained to free fly.


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