Basic Rabbit Care And What You Can Do At Home To Assess Urgency Of Veterinary Care

by Dr Wendy Chee, Vet Central
12 April, Fri | 4:30pm - 5:30pm | Stage

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Rabbits are the third most common species of pets and are very rewarding companions to have. They are quiet, highly sociable and are great indoor pets.


Learn what to expect with having a pet rabbit in your life and some of the common health problems associated with them like sneezing, gastrointestinal and dental issues. Tips on how to check on your pet rabbit and when you need to bring it to the vet.

Dr Wendy Chee

Unlike many, Dr Wendy Chee did not have a childhood dream to be a veterinarian. The opening of different doors led her to pursuing the profession and she stayed.


She graduated from Western Australia in 2007 and has been practising in Singapore since. She started enjoying dealing with rabbit medicine and surgery. Since embarking on many rabbit and rodent continuing education overseas, she has met many like-minded vets and is inspired by the dedication of many small mammals specialists. 


Her other interests are dentistry, dermatology and ophthalmology. 


Being constantly hounded by 3 daughters, her negligible free time is spent teaching at a local polytechnic, disturbing her friends so they don't forget her and some ineffectual DIY home projects.

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