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Ask-A-Vet is a feature of the upcoming PetExpo Singapore and will run monthly from February to April 2019.


Have a question about your pet's health? 


Pose a question on Ask-A-Vet and win prizes.


Replies to 10 selected questions will be posted by a vet here each month from February to April 2019.


There is a myriad of reasons for dark skin patches, ranging from simple yeast infection to cancerous lesions. The best course of action is to bring your pet to consult a vet and we can perform diagnostic tests like skin cytology, parasite checks, biopsy etc to confirm the diagnosis.


Prior to the visit, pet owners can also check for the following:

  • Is there an odd smell?
  • How long has it been?
  • Do you dry your pets thoroughly after showering?
  • Does your pet keep scratching at it?

While cyclosporine treats the underlying issue, there are many over-the-counter medications to provide symptomatic treatment for dry eyes e.g. Tears naturale, Hylo comod, Duratears etc. Basic cleaning of eyes discharge with saline may help to increase comfort.

Generally speaking, GA nowadays is safe due to advanced monitoring. However, with any surgical procedure under GA, there will be some risk involved. We recommend bringing your dog down to the clinic for a physical examination as well as running pre-anaesthetic blood tests to allow us to better assess his suitability as a GA candidate.

As pet owner, you can spend more time with your guinea pig, e.g. setting up free play pen etc. When you think the time is ripe, you can introduce another guinea pig for socialisation. However please also note that adult males may fight and opposite sex may result in uncontrolled breeding, if they are not sterilised.

There are various reasons as to why birds scratch themselves, ranging from skin allergies to skin infections or parasites. Depending on how often and where your bird scratches itself, the cause to it differ. It is natural for your bird to scratch himself as a way to remove dirt from his feathers. However, if you noticed feather loss, bald patches or other skin ailments, it is best recommended to bring your bird to a vet for an accurate diagnosis.

Certain form of cancers will respond to chemotherapy, radiation therapy or combination of both. Palliative treatment with painkillers can only relieve your dog’s pain temporarily, but it does not address other forms of discomfort. You can attempt to syringe feed recovery diet which are energy dense, to ensure adequate nutrition.

Colloidal silver has long been used as a generic antiseptic as it helps in the various conditions that you have mentioned. However, as with any medicinal products, the therapeutic response may vary with different patients and conditions. 

There are various causes to fur loss which does not necessarily be due to mites. Other causes include bacteria or yeast infection such as ringworm infection. It is best to bring your cat to a veterinarian for a physical examination and for the veterinarian to run diagnostic tests e.g. skin tape prep for an accurate diagnosis.

Congratulations to our Ask-A-Vet February edition winners!

The 10 lucky winners will each win a ticket to PetExpo on 12 April and a F10 SC Veterinary Disinfectant worth $12.90, sponsored by WECARE. 


Thank you for participating in Ask-A-Vet and stay tuned for our next edition!

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