13th National Betta Competition

12 - 14 April, Fri - Sun | 11:00am - 8:00pm

Bench in: 11 April, Thur

Competition: 12 - 14 April, Fri - Sun


With over 600 tanks on display from nearly 200 local and overseas participants, expect to see many forms and colour variations of the betta splendens species in all 33 competition classes for this show.

International Betta Congress certified judges, from various countries, will head down to this event to decide the winners.

There will be more than $2500 worth of cash and prizes to be won, registration for this competition will be on-site on 11 April, 2019.


Total 33 Classes


Division A - HM

A1. Red / Black STM

A2. Dark Iridescent / Dark Metallic STM

A3. Light Solid / Light Metallic STM

A4. Bicolour / Butterfly STM

A5. Marble / Grizzle STM

A6. Multicolour STM


Division B - Doubletail

B1. Solid DTM

B2. Patterned DTM


Division C - Crowntail

C1. Red / Black CTM

C2. Dark Iridescent / Dark Metallic CTM

C3. Light Solid / Light Metallic CTM

C4. Bicolour / Butterfly CTM

C5. Marble / Grizzle CTM

C6. Multicolour CTM


Division D - Shortfin Singletail

D1. Red STM Show Plakat

D2. Black STM Show Plakat

D3. Dark Iridescent STM Show Plakat

D4. Light Solid STM Show Plakat

D5. Bicolour / Butterfly STM SHow Plakat

D6. Marble / Grizzle STM Plakat

D7. Dark Metallic STM Show Plakat

D8. Light Metallic STM Show Plakat

D9. Multicolour STM Show Plakat


Division E - Giant Shortfin Singletail

E1. Giant Solid STM Show Plakat 

E2. Giant Patterned STM Show Plakat


Division F - Optional

F1. Solid Colour Show Plakat Junior

F2. Patterned Show Plakat Junior

F3. Giant Solid Colour Show Plakat Junior

F4. Giant Patterned Show Plakat Junior

F5. Form Variation

F6. Form & Finnage


Division G - Wild Type Betta Pairs

G1. Bubblenesters

G2. Mouthbrooders


Co-hosted by: Betta Club Singapore / Ryujin Singapore

Sanctioned by: International Betta Congress

Sponsored by: Andrew Low, Mervin Boey, J Aquatic Solutions, Alex Tan, Betta Ekor Ganda, Mr.6840, Brayden Tan, G96 Giant Singapore, Wild Betta Enthusiasts Singapore, Yew Sen, The Labybrinth, Ibetta, Edmund Lee, Jia Hao, Carabao Pet Mart, Aurora Betta Inc



Grand Champion - $500 & Trophy

Division Champion (A-E) -$150 & Trophy

Division Champion (F-G) - $100 & Trophy

Class Winners (A to E)- 1st - $20, Trophy & Prizes

Class Winners (F to G) 1st - Trophy & Prizes

Class Winners 2nd & 3rd - Trophy

Class Winners D6, D9 & F6 1st $100, Trophy & Prizes

Class Winners F2 1st $50 Trophy & Prizes


Betta Club Singapore (BCS)

Betta Club Singapore (BCS) was formed in 2001 and gazetted as an officially registered society under the Registry of Society. Under the experienced stewardship of the current committee, BCS have organised landmark betta competitions and conducted Betta-related seminars not only in Singapore, but also in cities like Brisbane, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.


Visit Betta Club Singapore’s Facebook page for more information.