113th SKC Obedience Championship Trials

13 April, Sat | 11:00am - 7:00pm | Stage 

Obedience competition is a sport, all participants should be guided by the principles of good sportsmanship both in and out of the ring.


The purpose of obedience trials is not only to demonstrate the dog’s ability to follow specified routines in the obedience ring, but also to emphasise the usefulness of the dog as a companion to man.


All contestants in a class are required to perform the same exercise in substantially the same way, so that the relative quality of the various performances may be compared and scored.


The basic objective of obedience competition, however, is to produce dogs that have been trained to behave in home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs, in a manner that will reflect credit on the sport of obedience at all times and under all conditions.


The performance of dog and handler in the ring must be accurate and correct according to SKC Obedience Rules and Regulations.


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The Singapore Kennel Club (SKC)

The Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) was registered on 16 September 1972 as a non-profit organisation without having to use the word “Limited”. 


We are recognised internationally through our world-wide and regional affiliations, as the national canine organisation of Singapore.    


Just like other national kennel clubs, we register Pedigree dogs and issue our 3rd generation Pedigree Certificate. Before the issuance of our Pedigree Certificate, Litter Inspectors inspect the puppies to verify the breed, sex and most importantly, the micro-chip number. Those who own pure bred dogs are able to get their dogs Breed certified after 2 Inspectors have inspected the said dog and both confirm that it is the breed for which an application was made.  After the 3rd generation, SKC Pedigree Certificates are issued