LOVE CAT LOVE LIFE – a virtual adoption drive by Cat Welfare Society (CWS)

16 August, Sunday, 5pm 

CWS, a registered society in 1999 and is currently an Institute of Public Character. 

The vision is a humane society where every cat in Singapore has a place to call home whether this is in a residence or in the community. 


To achieve this, CWS engages the community through its programmes to achieve the sustainable and humane management of cats in Singapore through advocacy, sterilisation, mediation and educational outreach programmes.


Join LOVE CATS LOVE LIFE to understand what CWS does and there will feature some cats rescued by independent rescuers looking for a home. 


Virtual Adoption by SOSD

23 August, Sunday, 5pm 

SOSD is a volunteer-run organisation dedicated to the welfare of Singapore’s many street dogs.  SOSD opposes the culling of stray animals and believes that there is a more humane way to manage this problem. SOSD’s dog shelter exists to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome strays to give them a second chance at life. 


At this SOSD’s first ever virtual adoption drive, Its President Dr. Siew Tuck Wah will share what SOSD does to help in the rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray dogs to give them a second chance at life and what how one can participate and help give these beautiful creatures a chance to find their forever home. 


More than 10 dogs will be up for adoption. Join to find out how you can participate and help give these beautiful creatures a chance to find their forever homes. Whether to adopt a dog, be a dog shelter volunteer, donate to the pet shelter, become a sponsor or even be a foster parent while these dogs await their forever homes – there are just plenty ways to show you care. 


*Each dog or cat adopted, Royal Canin will provide a welcome gift comprising of:

a free bag of Royal Canin dry food

A free box of Royal Canin wet pouches

Two vouchers worth $10/- each for next purchase of Royal Canin products