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Pets Showcase – Red Eared Sliders

Published on Sep 3, 2022

Terrapin Showcase

by ResParadise

25-27 Nov | Friday to Sunday| Whole day


Remember those green turtles you used to see at aquarium shops when you were young? What if we told you those are not the only types of Red-Eared Sliders?

At ResParadise, you will discover that the Red-Eared Slider has many different morphs you have never seen before! Come over and see the various beautiful morphs with striking colours bask under the sunlight and swim in their enclosures built and designed in-house!



About ResParadise

ResParadise is a shop started by Turtle enthusiasts, trying to introduce to Singaporeans the beautiful Morphs of the Red-Eared Sliders that are available. They aim to provide owners with equipment as well as the knowledge to give their turtles the proper care needed. ResParadise also helps owners with their queries and also help to design their dream set-ups as well.


For more information or any queries, visit their Facebook page.


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