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Pets Showcase – Rabbit HQ

Published on Sep 19, 2022

Rabbits Showcase

by Rabbit HQ

25-27 Nov | Friday to Sunday| Whole day

Hop down to PetExpo and get welcomed by an array of rabbit breeds. There will be 10 exotic breeds of different colour and sizes on exhibition. Be amazed by their unique appearance and personalities!

Main Highlights:

Largest breed of rabbit in the world. Typically weigh 15 to 18 pounds and around 80cm in length. This breed of rabbit is a massive favorite because of its gentle and calm personality.
P.S. The Guinness world record holder for the largest rabbit is Darius the Giant rabbit – weighing up to 49lbs and measured to 129cm in length!

The world’s smallest breed of rabbit weighing no more than 2.5lbs and is typically playful and inquisitive.

Known for its very smooth and plush fur, it has very sweet nature and uncanny resemblance to a kangaroo.

Dubbed “Eyes of the Fancy” for its natural black marking around the eyes, resembling wearing mascara.

King of the Jungle but much smaller in size and probably cuter. This breed of rabbit dons a mane like a lion, hence the namesake.

Like your regular Holland lop rabbit , except 5 TIMES the size.



About Rabbit HQ

Home to Winning Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits, our foundation lines can be traced back to reputable breeders from over the world. Rabbit Headquarters (RHQ) is humble showroom of proud rabbit owners. RHQ honors excellence in raising rabbits by cultivating their temperament, and by caring for their health and well-being.

To learn more about RHQ, visit rabbithq.com.sg or follow them on Facebook.


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