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How Nutrition Can Help Your Pets Thrive

Published on Apr 3, 2023

by Dr. Francis Cabana

16th April 2023 | Sunday | 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm

Is the food you’re feeding your dog or cat simply meeting the nutritional needs of your pets or are they optimized for long-term health? Did you know that balancing the right ingredients with the right nutrient profiles is the key? Our beloved dogs and cats have unique requirements depending on their size, breed, age, genetics, health status, and lifestyle. There is no single perfect diet out there – our pets are so different; their ideal diet will be different too and change throughout their life. With both dogs and cats being carnivores, come learn how to take the main part of their diet – high-quality protein, and combine it with the right fruits, vegetables, oils, herbs, and supplements to target specific areas of health. Learn to see between the marketing tactics that commercial pet foods use to fool you and be armed with the knowledge and questions to find the best food for your pet at PetExpo’s dog and cat nutrition talk with Dr. Francis Cabana, Ph.D. in Wildlife Nutrition.


About Dr. Francis Cabana

Dr. Cabana is one of the top wildlife nutritionists in Asia. Originating from Montreal, Canada, he left at 21 to pursue his Masters and subsequently a Doctorate at Oxford Brookes University. Instead of taking the path of common animal science to learn about farm animals, or through the veterinarian space and taking a certificate in nutrition, he took the road less traveled to dive deep into the world of animal ecology, metabolism, and nutrition.

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Pet Cubes is a pet food supplier that specializes in creating holistic food for your dogs and cats through organic and natural sources.


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