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How does DNA Testing Improve the Wellbeing of Your Dog? Current vs Advanced Technologies

Published on Mar 22, 2023

by Jimmy Toh

15th April 2023 | Saturday | 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

Jimmy will introduce the importance of having a DNA test by using a few examples. In addition, he would share about the current technology and advanced technology used in pet DNA testing.


About Jimmy Toh

Jimmy Toh is the Director and Chief Scientist of BioAcumen Global Pte Ltd, the parent company of PawdyGene. With more than 10 years of experience in A*STAR, he can provide scientific consultation for the whole workflow of molecular biological assays in various industries, ranging from infectious disease detection to veterinary/pet testing. BioAcumen Global has been offering pet testing in Southeast Asia for more than 7 years under his leadership. In 2021, he committed himself to pet DNA testing. In 2023, he expanded the DNA testing profile to pet owners. He strongly believes that DNA testing can be a good help, in terms of disease prevention and a better pet’s life.

About Bio Acumen

PetExpoBio Acumen Global Pte Ltd is a biotechnology company that supplies life science research. We provide a host of contract manufacturing solutions for PCR diagnostic products that are made locally in Singapore.

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