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Galactical CFA Cat Show 2023

Published on Feb 16, 2023

PetExpo is proud to be the venue for the Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore (FFSS) Galatical CFA Cat Show happening on the 14 to 16 April 2023 at Singapore Expo Hall 6.


Details of the show

Name of Show: 4 ring All-Breed  CFA Cat Show
Entry Limit: 100 Cats

16th April 2023, 10am to 7pm, Sunday









How to Register?

1. Fill in the show entry form for Pedigree entries or Household entries.
2. Submit one entry form per cat and email payment proof to FFSS.
3. Read the general information sheet for further details prior to submitting the form in step #1.
4. Indicate special requests in the same form or in your email to FFSS (benching, tent purchase etc)
5. Payment must be received together with the entry submission before the deadline to be considered a valid entry. Payment for additional PetExpo entry tickets may also be made together. FFSS reserves the right to reject entries based on incomplete submissions.

Entry Fees and Registration

Registration closes 1 April 23:59

More Information can be found on the FFSS page here

Showing your household pet

You are encouraged to apply for CFA’s Companion Cat World registration here & make the USD $16 payment before the show. Once you receive your cat’s registration number, update the entry clerk with the information. Read more about showing in the household pet class here.

Entrance Fees to PetExpo 2023
Each entry will be given 1 ticket each. Spectators should purchase tickets from here.
Children under 12 years and pets enter for free.

Janis Christison (Australia)
Wendy Heidt (USA)
Neil Quiggley (Canada)
Mihoko Tsuchiya (Japan)


About FFSS
PetExpoEstablished in 2004, the Feline Fanciers Society of Singapore (FFSS) – a not-for-profit organisation, is a CFA member club. Running CFA sanctioned shows and cat-related activities since our inception. Our goal is to promote the appreciation and understanding of cats and to provide education and support for keeping cats as pets..


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