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British Shorthair Cat – ChubbyBuddy

Published on Oct 4, 2022

Pet Showcase – British Shorthair Cat

by ChubbyBuddy

25-27 Nov | Friday-Saturday | Full day

The British Shorthair is a big, calm cat – with some male British Shorthair weighing up to 7 to 10kg (females are usually slightly smaller). Come and visit these cats to appreciate the best hallmarks of the breed – round head, round cheeks, firm chin, medium-sized ears and large, round eyes in various colours, from the classic blue to other colours and patterns. Appreciate its easy-going personality and watch them get along with everyone, including kids and other animals living in the house. They are active without being destructive, tend to be quiet, and can live happily in houses of any size, including apartments.

Stage Programme – Sharing on British Shorthair Cat

by Sheryl Chia & Dr Ailin Tan, ChubbyBuddy

25 Nov | Friday| 6pm – 7 pm

The British Shorthair is an amazing cat breed and ChubbyBuddy Cats is an ethics-led and health-focused British Shorthair cattery and the first and only breeder with a breeding licence from AVS. Alongside a special guest appearance by Dr Jessica Kuek (membership in Feline Internal Medicine), ChubbyBuddy will cover all subjects related to the British Shorthair, from history to health, appearance, grooming and personality.


About Sheryl Chia

Sheryl is the co-founder of ChubbyBuddy Cats. A veteran in the pet industry, she can’t ever remember a time when she didn’t have an animal in her life. She fell in love with the British Shorthair for its even temperament and easy going personality, and has made it her life‘s work to advocate for a greater standard of care for these wonderful felines. Through positive involvement in the community, ChubbyBuddy influences a healthy and much-deserved reputation for the breed. 

ChubbyBuddy has been actively competing both locally and internationally with their British Shorthairs. Their cats have won multiple intentional, divisional and regional awards, and the quality of their kittens are recognised both locally and aboard. As a recognition to the quality of their cats and their standards of good breeding, the founders also sit on the breed council of the Cat Fancier’s Society, allowing them to have a say in the future development of the breed. 

As the only cat breeder holding a breeding licence from AVS, she has a one-track focus on breed betterment and preservation, and does not support unlicensed and illegal backyard breeding. Her aim is to help relieve the suffering of and prevent cruelty to poorly bred animals through education and activism.   


About Dr. Ailin Tan

Dr. Ailin Tan graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. During university, she travelled in and out of Australia for various clinical placements with exotics and wildlife. She then spent several years working in Perth and Singapore before joining the team at Brighton Vet Care. 

Dr. Ailin is passionate about all aspects of veterinary medicine; and has developed a keen interest in small animal internal medicine. Additionally, she finds the challenges of pocket pet medicine to be highly rewarding. 

Dr. Ailin enjoys building a rapport with clients; and always strives to provide the best care to all her patients. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her rescue cats: Mr. Bailey Tan and Willow 



About ChubbyBuddy

ChubbyBuddy is a preservation breeder of the British Shorthair Cat and is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). They are home to the best US and European bloodlines and are recognised for their ethical approach to breeding. As a nod to their expertise in the breed and quality of their cats, the founders have been accepted as members of the highly exclusive CFA British Shorthair Breed Council. ChubbyBuddy is the only cattery in Singapore with an AVS Breeding Licence and lead the advocacy for purposeful and responsible breeding by supporting laws and policies that ensure breeder transparency, quality of care and accountability. As preservation breeders, they breed cats with the intent of improving the breed and devote to raising only British Shorthairs of the most excellent types and temperaments that make affectionate lifelong companions.

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