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AWGs Adoption Drive – Purely Adoptions

Published on Nov 22, 2022

Pet Adoption Drive

by Purely Adoptions

25 & 27 Nov | Friday and Sunday

25 Nov – Whole Day

27 Nov – Morning


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All photos and information provided by PurelyAdoptions.




Intelligent & dashing who loves the camera. Can be shy at first, but secretly enjoys human touch. Once you’ve earned his trust, he’s definitely got his beautiful eyes for only you. He’s cheeky and playful with everyone in the house. 100% Treat seeker and loves company of his playmate.
No microchip yet.



A sweet & beautiful darling. Curious, and enjoys meeting people. Loves her toys and is a foodie. She’s always very happy and never fails to give you her beautiful smile every day. She looks like a lady, but definitely a true fighter who doesn’t back down in a fight.
No microchip yet.



Orh-Nee is the sole survivor of her litter and is a rather chill puppy, occasionally allowing us to catch a glimpse of the spirit of a fighter.

She tends to keep to herself and is slow to warm up, but when she does, expect bursts of puppy energy with her hopping around the house looking for play. She’s comfortable playing with toys alone and gets along wih other dogs (though she might first irritate them until she establishes her boundaries).

At her fosterer’s home, she plays well with her SS foster siblings and has learnt basic commands like sit, heel and paw etc. She’s also both pee-pad and grass trained, and is easy to handle.

When she goes “missing”, she’s usually catching a nap under the sofa. She’s rather food motivated and will fall asleep in the kitchen while waiting for her feeds.

All in all, Orh-Nee is a chill girl with the occasional playful energy. She has also mesmerised many with those Orh-Nee eyes. 🥰 No microchip yet




Jo, Female, 1 year old

FIV/FELV Negative, Fully Vaccinated , Sterilised
Jo is an a quiet cat who is rather reserved. She enjoys keeping to herself but warms up once she is comfortable with the person she is living with. She has a healthy appetite and enjoys spending time with her siblings. She likes being stroked and rubbed under her chin. While Jo may not your typical lap cat, once you have won her over, she is a loyal family member for life.


Timmy Thomas

Timmy Thomas, Male, 1 year old

FIV/FELV Negative, Fully Vaccinated , Sterilised
Timmy Thomas is a highly sociable cat. Found as a kitten in a dangerous industrial area, he has lived indoors since he was 5 days old. He enjoys human company and is able to get along well with other cats. You can often find Timmy Thomas perching on high spaces or relaxing on a soft, comfortable bed. Timmy Thomas has a healthy appetite and enjoys running around with his siblings. He looks forward to chin rubs and being groomed by his sister. Timmy Thomas should be adopted with his sister, Jo.



Tipps, Female, 1 year old

FIV/FELV Negative, Fully Vaccinated , Sterilised
Tipps is a high energy cat who enjoys the company of her siblings. She likes zipping and zapping around the house and is not afraid to stand up to other cats. Tipps is generally an affectionate cat with humans but prefers the company of her siblings compared to other cats. She would not be suitable for a house with multiple cats as she is quite a dominant character. However, she takes good care of her siblings, especially her sister, Nari, whom we hope can be adopted together with her. Tipps has a healthy appetite and enjoys grooming her siblings and making sure they are safe.



Nari, Female, 1 year old

FIV/FELV Negative, Fully Vaccinated , Sterilised
Nari is a good girl who enjoys being in the company of her mother. She is the smallest of the litter but she can be feisty and can stand up for herself. Unlike her siblings, Nari does not prefer the company of other cats, liking instead to be with her mother or her siblings. When alone, she is very affectionate and likes to sit and spend time with her favourite humans. Adopting Nari requires some patience as she may not start off as a very sociable cat but she will grow on you with her sweetness and gentle nature.

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