Countdown to PetExpo 2019

12-14 April 2019 | 11am to 8pm daily | Singapore Expo Hall 7

PetExpo 2017

Into its fourth edition, PetExpo 2017 will continue to excite you with a paw-some showcase of businesses, educational and engaging activities focused on pets and their well-beings.

According to Straits Times, pet ownership in Singapore has increased to 824k this year. Globally, dogs are ranked as the most popular pet animal, with 33% ownership, cats being the second popular standing at 23% and fish being the third popular with 12% ownership.

Responding to the increasing popularity of aquatic animals as pets in Singapore, PetExpo is bringing in activities related to fishes to the exhibition in this edition.

Fish lovers can look forward to participation of competitions for aquatic animals while families can bring children to learn more about aquatic animals and marine life.

PetExpo 2017 aims to continue providing the platform for pet lovers and owners to engage in and learn about pet responsibility which will contribute to the welfare of their pets. Consumers can also look forward to informative talks, entertaining contests and competitions organised to bring the pet community together on a fun-filled learning journey towards pet ownership.