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237th SKC Championship Dog Show and 36th FCI International CACIB Dog Show

Published on Mar 3, 2023


PetExpo 2023 is proud to host two spectacular dog shows – the 237th SKC Championship Dog Show, the 36th FCI International CACIB Dog Show and the FCI Grooming Competition/Certification.

These shows will take place at Singapore’s largest Pet Fair, providing an unparalleled opportunity for pet enthusiasts to witness some of the world’s finest dogs in action.


The 237th SKC Championship Dog Show is set to feature Mr. Sang Kook Kwon, a distinguished judge from South Korea.

The 36th FCI International CACIB Dog Show, on the other hand, will feature Ms. Christy Wang Jie, an esteemed judge from China.

The FCI Grooming Competition/Certification presents candidates with an opportunity to receive competition/certification resumes.

What’s a dog show without support from friends and family? All spectators are advised to stay around the ring area. The show manager has sole discretion to excuse friends and supporters from the benching areas.


About SKC

PetExpoThe Singapore Kennel Club (SKC) was registered on 16 September 1972 as a non-profit organization without having to use the word “Limited”. We are recognized internationally through our worldwide and regional affiliations, as the national canine organization of Singapore.

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